Rooted Design believes the space around you is a reflection of the space within you. This is how art and design can transform your life.

About Me

I strongly believe the space around us is a reflection of the space within us. To change or shift one will ultimately change the other. This is how art and design can change your life!

Hi, I’m Missy, an artist and designer based in the Seattle area, specializing in murals, art, and designing spaces that make people feel inspired.

Mural artist

I have been working on mural projects for homes and businesses all over the Seattle area for over 14 years! I learned about the art of muraling from working at a non-profit called Urban ArtWorks in Seattle, WA.

Master teacher

I received a Master’s in Teaching (MIT) from Seattle University in 2010. I have taught visual art in the surrounding Seattle area for over five years.

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