Flora-Scopes or Animology?

I’ve been experimenting with ideas around flowers and their meanings. For my birthday, my parents gifted me a book called “The Complete Language of Flowers”. I have been fascinated to learn that a long time ago, floral bouquets were sent as messages, and this practice lost favor because one flower can carry a number of different meanings. How funny that you could get a bouquet and think it means “I’ll love you forever” and it actually means “Let’s break up”. This is probably why it didn’t stick around.

I’ve been playing with painting them in acrylic and watercolor and I like the idea that flowers can carry meaning. Would it be cool to have a collections of flowers and words to gift someone?

Below is my first attempt using the flowers in the Rooted Design logo – I choose these flowers when designing my logo because this is how I plan to operate in my business. I was playing with watercolor and black ink.

I also tried this out in acrylic too, on black canvas, which I like – these are just layer one and I’ll be adding the words and details next (note: the mushroom people are so fun to do, I couldn’t resist!)

Although acrylic is my comfortable medium, I have found that I like the unpredictability of watercolor and the ephemeral nature of the work with flowers. I’m learning there are endless opportunities for a miraculous quality to emerge, or can end in complete puddle disaster.

I might decide to merge the symbolism of animals and flowers together – I painted this fox for my friend who is having her third baby on Friday. The Fox is known as intelligent, resourceful and a perfect partner when in balance. It is also an open for travel – all qualities I hope for my friend’s new baby, a little adventurer!

What do you think? Watercolor? Acrylic? Flora-scopes?

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  1. Nice work! I like the different mediums as they each bring their own thing. Love the fox.

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