Pet Portraits

At first, I was thinking I could do this to just make a little extra income and have some consistent work coming in. But, after I’ve done a handful of these now, I’m really enjoying the process of getting to know a pet through my client’s eyes. Dogs and cats are so full of unconditional love, they really are our best friends and I love painting pet portraits!

I can tell my work is getting better too. Looking back at where I started last year, I see growth in my detail work. I didn’t know I’d love painting cats so much too. I love doing their big whiskers as a final touch. I wonder what other pets out there would be fun to try?

I love putting a flower or plant in the background that is indicative of the animal’s character. Something that is meaningful. I hope my clients enjoy these as much as I love making them!

Reach out to me if you’d like to order your pet portrait! I can do any size and shape, on canvas or wood. I paint from a photo, so close up, clear photos are best. Typically, prices are: $100 small, $150 medium, $200 large.

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  1. We LOVE our dog portraits of Freya and Salix. They are AMAZING, and they really capture the essence and characters of our dogs.

    1. rooteddesignspace Avatar

      Thanks for this feedback Rob! I’m so glad you and Anne love the portraits of your darling pups. They were really fun to do!

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