Watercolor + Meditation

Build Your Practice

I have been teaching art for over 20 years and I’ve been creating art for most of my life. I have always found painting to be very calming, restorative, and meditative. Whenever I planned a watercolor art project for students of any age, I always knew if I put on some calming music, every time, without fail, it would feel like the classroom would take a big deep breath. Something just happens to our brains when we get out the paint and move it around on paper. Most of the time, when I’m painting, time will fall away from me and I will get so focused on what I’m creating – that I can forget all of the stressors in my life.

A few years ago, when chaos and uncertainty was swirling around me (during Covid), I decided to take an online Mindfulness class with an organization called Mindfulness Northwest. I was no stranger to meditation, but this course helped to ground me in meditation as a daily or weekly practice. I also learned that meditation can be woven into just about anything I do. I like what Eckhart Tolle says about how people can do things consciously and unconsciously. He gave a great example: when we go to a restaurant, we can have a server who just plops the plate in front of us without thinking, or we can have a server who places the plate in front of us with thought and care.

When I paint, I create using symbolic meaning and purpose. don’t just make things to look pretty, but I make things to bring love and positive energy to a space. In that same way of thinking, everything I do throughout my day can become a practice in consciousness and purpose. I do my best to practice this in everything I do. When I fold laundry, do the dishes, or even just open the door. I try to remember each day to do things purposefully and with care.

I wanted to experience more things in my life that are full of purpose and intention. Last year, I thought to myself: I want to find a class that combines consciousness, meditation, and painting. And guess what – I couldn’t find one! This is why I decided to create one. As a person who has a Master’s In Teaching, and many years of experience painting, meditating, praying, and living consciously, I thought: why not me? I can combine all the things I value – teaching, art, and meditation and see how it goes? I am SO happy that I did!

Teaching the Mindfulness + Meditation classes is my absolute favorite thing to do as a working artist and professional. I have offered this class in person for adults and teens and I have received endless feedback about the positive effects of this class. I’ve had students come to me in tears, saying what an impact it has had. I tell them that emotions are our greatest teacher. I’ve had students describe this class as “magical” and I’ve had students say that after the class, they have been able to notice or pay attention in a way they hadn’t before.

When I teach this class, I get as much benefit from it as the students who take it. When I sit down to write the lesson & guided meditation, I am centering myself and reminding myself what is valuable to me. I know this class will help a lot of people and make a positive impact. I have had a hard time getting the word out about this class (marketing is not something I’m skilled at). So this fall, I decided to try offering this course online. A friend of mine said that this might be a great way to do it, because people can take the class and get the benefits in the comfort of their own home. I also like that I can offer it more widely an potentionally reach more people across the U.S. I would like to be able to grow this class and spread the word. If you’re curious about it or want to try it out, go to the events section of my website – or just message me. I also offer these art experiences for private parties too.

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