About Me

Hi! I’m Missy Hancock. I’m originally from Minnesota, but now live in Edmonds, WA with my husband and two kids.

I have a Master’s in Teaching from Seattle University and a combined 20+ years of experience teaching and mural painting.

In 2022, I started Rooted Design, LLC with the hope to bring positivity and purpose to people’s lives through art. I love the idea that art can transform someone’s space, so I work to ensure all of my artwork is rooted in symbolic meaning. I believe the space around you is a reflection of the space within you; this is how art can heal the world.

I am the School Outreach Program Manager for Art Start Northwest, the non-profit that operates inside of Graphite Arts Center. For the past year, I’ve been working to build a School Outreach Program with the goal of getting more kids to make art that matters.


email Missy Hancock at rooteddesignspace@gmail.com