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Do you look around your living space and feel overwhelmed? Do you wish you lived in a magazine? Do you ever think: I wish my house was…or…I need help!

I’m here for you!

Your home should work for you, you shouldn’t have to work for your home. I can help you EDIT your living space (think: organize, pare down, and re-style) so when you’re at home, all you will feel is a BIG deep breath! (Instead of a big deep sigh.)

Cornerstones to my process are to think strategically about the space and how it is used. I will help you figure out how to zone the space and help you organize or edit what you already have.

If you want help organizing, updating your design, or sourcing new items, please reach out to me! I promise you will be glad you did!

All it takes is one little email to create a new space and a new way of living: rooteddesign@gmail.com

Sunken livingroom
Outdoor living room
Repainted bathroom
Front yard tree mural
Edmonds livingroom
Garage conversion
Mural for basement family room
Frozen Bedroom


email Missy Hancock at rooteddesignspace@gmail.com